Projects In The Works

The Rutigliano Group carefully plans projects to dovetail and support one another. The cumulative effect is stronger and more long lasting than any one event or project. In 2014 and beyond, more plans for musical and other performance events and public art projects, as well as some tailored promotional and development projects, will build on the momentum from the Centennial year efforts. Projects currently in the pipeline:

Beekman Street Artist Banners 4.0

Biennial showing of new artists on 13 foot tall banners by the train, which, for the first time, will be an open call to the entire Hudson Valley region.

Dirt and Heat

A six-week art exhibition and programming schedule focused on glass, metal and ceramics. To be held in both the city of Beacon and the village of Cold Spring, this series of events will exhibit the work of international masters in these media, jury an international show for each discipline as well, turn the Main Streets of both towns into walking galleries with work in a number of retail windows, and present a wide variety of creative opportunities from hands-on beginners workshops in glass blowing and fusing, metal jewelry making and clay work to small group master classes and week-long workshops for experienced artisans and artists. A focus will also include activities showcasing local industrial designers who work in these mediums. With the successful completion of this project, a decision will be made as to whether this event will become a triennial one.

Hudson Valley Pipes

Building upon the overwhelming success of the “Beacon Pipes” centennial program featuring Thirty organs over three counties: revealing the treasures of the Hudson Valley’s organs. From the simplicity of a restored 1850 Thomas S. Hall (I/4) to the grandeur of the West Point Cadet Chapel organ, the onsite programs will include each organ’s history within the institution with an accessible explanation of the properties and function of the organ’s stops, pipes and related machinery. Solo organ pieces will be interspersed, ending with a sing-a-long of patriotic songs and/or hymns.


A roughly three story tall giant head will be sited as a floating installation in the Hudson River, just south of RiverfrontPark in Beacon. The head will be crafted of translucent fiberglass and utilize solar technology for energy that will allow the head to glow softly at night, illuminating a constellation of stars inside the mind of this supersized dreamer. A sculptural piece by multi-disciplinary visual performance artist Cabot Parsons, who views it from his experience as a master puppeteer as a very large puppet, moored to the bottom of the river but moving slightly with tide and wind, operated by the environment itself. The actual title of the piece itself, “Balance,” refers to humanity coming to grips with their effect on the environment and taking steps to keep that in balance. Even at the large scale of the piece, humanity is dwarfed by the world around us and we need to stop acting like we come first at the expense of our surroundings. An apt visual statement for a city that is the home to both contemporary art and the environmental movement.

This project will be in the river seasonally (Spring through Fall) for five years. A special performance event and christening will be held upon the installation of the piece in the summer of 2014, and in the meantime exhibits, talks and the creation of a documentary film about the process will introduce the public to the project. Phase 1 will cover the planning, creation in clay and digitization of the scale model and the beginnings of the fabrication of the sculpture itself and the underlying buoyancy and lighting structures and technology, as well as any engineering and mooring studies.

This is an opportunity for The Rutigliano Group to further enhance the international reputation of Beacon for the savvy arts traveler by providing a compelling visual symbol to represent the city and giving the international audience another bold compelling image of Beacon to share through social media with their networks, as well as encouraging locals to bring visitors in to see it. The project will partner with local artisans to produce fine art facsimiles and further visual explorations of the head for purchase, generating much needed retail sales revenue for local Beacon merchants and income for those artisans.


Installation of the head into the river for its inaugural season.

“The Darkening”

An annual music, theater and art festival to become Beacon’s signature autumnal attraction – encompassing the darker side of the season, including a macabre but sophisticated take on All Hallow’s Eve

Beacon by Design

A to-the-trade publication and related activities advocating small industrial and artisanal design businesses consider locating in and around Beacon