13' banners leading up from the Beacon Train Station to Main Street shops, eats and art, celebrating 24 local artists who place Beacon on the larger map of all things cool. enjoy!

a gift to the city of Beacon from - project team (these things don’t hang themselves!)

  • Robert Rutigliano - The Rutigliano Group
  • Cabot Parsons
  • Carla Goldberg
  • Greg Slick
  • Ed Vermehren

and major muscle from City of Beacon Public Works

The Beekman Street Artist Banners

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sheilah rechtschaffer

this wacky lady stands out to blend in, and vice versa. landscapes become abstracts become landscapes. in this example, either pop art is hiding in camouflage or camouflage is hiding at a rave. you got chocolate in my peanut butter! this kindly subversive has hung out her shingle. slide between two slices of her next enticing contradiction at


erica hauser

somewhere in beacon, and on occasion points elsewhere, the waltons never left television. old things, not forgotten, just out of view, sit and fade into our history and nostalgic memory. but there’s the rub, or in this case the turtle wax: one glimpse at our ancestral technologies lets us travel, ever so briefly, through time. A cloud of yesteryear heading out to points unknown, from the Citgo, this afternoon.


kelly shimoda

shimoda captures moments. in a net. shaped like a camera. quiet, rare, sometimes almost nonexistent. always deliciously dipped in tactile cream. take a moment, or two, and sip delicately. savor every drop. second helpings, kellyshimoda.com

dominic petrillo

bold composition and strong color and contrast are hallmarks of this painter, always searching for a different way to see. tinged with memory, burnished into the brain, as in this example looking down at dad, while continuing to look up to him. take a stroll with the artist further down the lane at dominicpetrillo.com

barbara galazzo

like pancakes made of dreams, this artist pours out discs of light and color made of glass. like young children exploring their world these glistening platters of pattern climb walls, and even ceilings, and transform the light around them. like barnacles left by angels. Bathe yourself in her other children at galazzoglass.com

grey zeien

it’s official, zeien has lost it. probably because he’s the one who hid it, whole carnivals of color and shape under blankets of other color, with holes peeking through to tempt us with the party going on we can only taste through glances and snippets. more tickets to the circus available here greyzeien.com

theresa gooby

ok, here’s the thing. gooby is a little obsessed. not like a certain someone who has an un-natural relationship with doritos mind you, but enough to stop you in your tracks. columns made from strung rows of paper napkins, rivers traced an inch at a time, this girl is looking for something specific, and after she finds it she’ll look for something else. again and again and again…. to see what she’s looking for next, drop in here – theresagooby.com

deb davidovits

tiny little moments – a slight movement here or there, a shadow on a wall, this silhouette filmmaker uses paper, some string, and a camera to remind us of that whir of the old metal fan in grandma’s window, or the buzz of insects around some dandelions, or that old scratched 45 playing the soulful sounds of, who was it again? memories caught on gossamer wings at - ddavidovits.blogspot.com

susan walsh

like a deer caught in headlights, this intrepid art photographer fixates. on patterns caused by things left behind, by everyday objects used up and forgotten. she captures their final pose of their final dance in, not a memorial, but a celebration. glance over her shoulder and see the world through her eyes at – susanwalshstudio.com

don alter

easily the senior statesman of this project, this artist with a pedigree working next to the contemporary masters, and the stories to go with it, proves that continual search and exploration is one sure path to the fountain of youth. donaldalter.com

lee price

solace and comfort, mostly through food, is the signature hallmark of this hyper-realistic painter, her women in peaceful repose hinting at deeper, possibly more turbulent, waters underneath their seeming calm. bear witness to her other private moments at leepricestudio.com

jaanika peerna

quick! they are getting away! all the lines! hither and yon! nope! she’s gotten a few by the tail. a rodeo more than a drawing, the movement is all. take a seat at jaanikapeerna.net. the next ride is about to begin.

cabot | andcompany

this group steps over from the performance and film world with a still from their latest puppet film, “souris et chat.” creating highly visual performance work is their aim. making that work funny and shocking and saucy and magic is their, and our, joy. drop down their rabbit hole at cabotandco.org

gerardo castro

some folk see on different levels than others. sure, this painter grabs ahold of the subject of his portraits and won’t let go, but it is only because he’s looking beneath, at the symbols, the road maps, the magic that buzzes right below the surface. his subjects look intently at the viewer. are they seeing the same ancient markings within you? gerardocastroart.com

karlos cárcamo

chaos and order are the winged creatures on this artist’s shoulders. angry graffiti seems calmed by quiet translucent blankets of solid color. What secrets do these two energies share in their intimate moments? make your guesses at karloscarcamo.com

peter bynum

splotches of pigment, really. nothing too special, but in the hands of a master, on layers and layers of backlit glass, and suddenly a coral reef straight out of a dream. submerge yourself in the light of ecstasy at peterbynum.com

margaux lange

one of the best smiles in town! which we’re sure continues as she cheerfully decapitates barbie dolls and commits sinister acts of autopsy on their faces, all to make cheeky and charming items of luxurious adornment. ahhh, the price of beauty. margauxlange.com

andrew garn

instead of merely reacting to his environment, he makes it his partner in crime, shooting things that once were one thing, and now are something else, like fish parts now a new form of life, or here, in a simple plaster cast of praying hands washed away during Katrina, their journey under the sea and back leaving marks and growths. a prayer, with commentary, by nature itself. andrewgarn.net

thomas huber

paint on top of gesso on top of drawings o n top of ideas and dreams and whisps of thought, this artist is actively building sites for aesthetic geologists to dig into in some future time. grab your own excavation gear and head on over to thomashuberart.com

catherine welshman

pretty women are this painter’s specialty, but not the kind from the magazines. no, these girls have beauty, but also pain and secrets, and in these few inches between the canvas and the eye, they invite you go come and play with them. catherinewelshman.com

greg slick

this zen formalist sits in meditation between figure and ground, between shape and the air between shapes. like an anteater crouched in wait for the next shape to amble by unawares, only to be caught by his brush and lovingly preserved on his surface. it’s a surgical art practiced by those with patience and skill. luckily for us, this artist has these talents and more. gregslickart.com

gamble staempfli

if all dogs do indeed go to heaven, how do they get there? this artist in a variety of media here takes a gander at the moment, and mode, of transition. first the running, then the flying and barks barks barks of joy. see what else he knows about critters both real and imagined at gamblestaempfli.com

mollie mckinley

when did we lose the imagination of our childhood? when the box the refrigerator was in became a pirate ship or a cabin in the woods on a great advanture? mckinley has reconstituted the recipe in ritual, photography and film. she’s saved you a slice at molliemckinley.com

lori merhige

this spritely creature makes her dreams come true. oh frabjous day! how wonderful and neat! but wait, have those trees become serpents, and what is that “thing” on the wall with so many teeth? wake up! whew! that was close. can’t wait for naptime to ride again! lorimerhige.com

carol flaitz

whether digging into wooden panels to simulate the world of nanotechnology or combing wax and resin into oceanic currents complete with spindrift, this multimedia artist makes surfaces that go deep. discover the depth of the plane at carolflaitz.com

robert rodriguez, jr.

look at that beautiful view. Now wait a bit. Oh, maybe an hour, maybe a day, maybe a week. Till the moment when the light hits the water just right, when the shadows from the branches lean over just a skosh. And the water gets still, or gets just a bit more choppy. And that one cloud bank in the sky brightens just a little bit more as twilight begins to fall. Then the picture will be absolutely perfect. Don’t have time to wait? Rodriguez does. He’ll have that perfect snap for you when he comes back, at robertrodriguezjr.com